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In a world where convenience and sustainability often find themselves at odds, Renegade Plastics and Returnity, leaders in their respective fields, collaborated to create a game-changing solution that is practical and innovative: a reusable box made for retail and eCommerce logistics entirely from one type of material, enabling it to be recycled at the end of its usable life.

Renegade Plastics and Returnity

The Renegade Spirit Meets Returnity’s Vision

Renegade Plastics has always been about challenging the status quo. Known for their innovative approach to industrial materials, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. Returnity, on the other hand, has built a reputation on rethinking the way we use and reuse packaging. Their vision is clear: to replace single-use shipping and packaging materials with durable, sustainable alternatives.

Renegade and Returnity shared a common goal – to create a packaging solution that was not only environmentally friendly but also practical for everyday use. This led to the development of a new Returnity box that furthers sustainable design.

One Material, Zero Landfill

What makes this box special is the fact that every component, from the fabric to the thread and webbing, is made from one type of material, polypropylene. Renegade’s proprietary polypropylene-based coated fabric served as the foundational material for this project. This fabric is not only strong but also lightweight, making it ideal for shipping applications.

Polypropylene, a type of plastic known for its durability and versatility, is already widely used to make webbing, thread, and injection molded components. Therefore, bringing these different components together, Renegade and Returnity could design a box made from a uniform material. This uniformity ensures that the entire box can be recycled, simplifying the recycling process and reducing waste.

Renegade Plastics brought their expertise in sustainable materials innovation to the table, helping to design and manufacture prototype boxes. Meanwhile, Returnity leveraged their deep understanding of reusable packaging to ensure that the box met the high standards required for repeated use.

In partnership with Returnity, the Renegade team at their facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, developed numerous prototypes for Returnity. After exploring different manufacturing strategies, a final prototype was delivered to Returnity, which was then shared with their production team. After Returnity’s customer selected the color for their box, Renegade delivered fabric directly to Returnity’s manufacturing partner, and a few months later – boxes were delivered to the first customer for these boxes, Fillogic, a company dedicated to enhancing the logistics and transportation ecosystem.

The Future of Sustainable Packaging

The Environmental Impact: A Few Steps Towards Circularity

The environmental benefits of this new box are significant. Traditional shipping boxes are typically made from corrugated paper. While paper is often the more sustainable choice, corrugated paper boxes are single use and used in such volumes that they fill our waste streams. Other reusable packaging solutions are often made from a mix of materials, preventing them from being recycled, meaning they often end up in landfills. By creating a box made entirely from polypropylene, Renegade Plastics and Returnity ensured that the entire box could be recycled together, simplifying the end-of-life process while reducing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Polypropylene is becoming easier to recycle, and the uniformity of the materials used in the box means that it can be easily processed and turned into new products. This reduces the need for virgin materials, conserving resources and minimizing the environmental footprint of packaging.

Additionally, the durability of the box means that it can be used multiple times, further reducing waste. Each reuse of the box represents a reduction in the demand for single-use packaging, which is a significant step towards a more sustainable future.

Few Steps Towards Circularity

The Bigger Picture: A Model for Collaboration

The collaboration between Renegade Plastics and Returnity is a model for how companies can work together to create innovative solutions to complex problems. By leveraging their unique strengths and expertise, they’ve developed a product that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

This partnership also highlights the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration. It wasn’t just about plastics and packaging; it was about bringing together experts in materials science, engineering, logistics, and sustainability to create a holistic solution. This kind of collaboration is essential for tackling the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Sustainable Packaging

The launch of the new Returnity box marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable packaging. It’s a testament to what’s possible when companies are willing to think outside the box (pun intended) and push the boundaries of innovation.

The success of the Returnity box is a clear indication that the future of sustainable packaging is bright. As more companies recognize the importance of environmental stewardship, we can expect to see a growing demand for innovative solutions like this one.

Renegade Plastics and Returnity are already looking ahead, exploring new ways to improve and expand their offerings. They’re committed to continuous innovation, always searching for new strategies to enhance the sustainability of their products.

New Standard in Sustainability

Conclusion: A New Standard in Sustainability

The partnership between Renegade Plastics and Returnity has set a new standard in sustainable packaging. Their innovative approach to creating a fully recyclable, reusable box is a game-changer, offering a practical solution to one of the biggest challenges in logistics and transportation.

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it’s collaborations like this that will lead the way. By combining their expertise and vision, Renegade Plastics and Returnity have shown that it’s possible to create products that are both environmentally friendly and highly functional. This new box is more than just a container; it’s a symbol of what’s possible when we put sustainability at the forefront of innovation.

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