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12′x20′ Renegade Tarp

Build a better future with the Renegade tarp!

From the backyard to trucking, and every creative idea in between, the Renegade tarp has you covered. Our waterproof design is made to last longer, even under the toughest conditions.

It is highly resistant to tearing and puncturing, so with the extra-strength grommets, it’s perfect for every application. It’s recyclable with Renegade, which makes it the first tarp that’s part of a closed loop system to reduce plastic waste.

The 12×20 is our largest retail tarp. Designed for those large DIY projects, this tarp was built to endure the toughest terrain and the toughest conditions. For the large family home with constant land to maintain, this tarp was built for you. Find your reason to Renegade!

UV Stabilized 
UV Stabilized 


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  1. David Kolesar

    I Just received my 12’x20′ tarp to cover my 17 ft boat. I got to say that it certainly feels more durable then the standard “Poly Tarps” I usually purchase a poly tarp every fall to cover the boat over the Pennsylvania winter and by spring, it is tattered and torn.
    The material seems to be nice heavy dual layer plastic and the grommets appear to be molded in so they don’t tear out. I think this Renegade Tarp is going to hold up much better. Time will tell and I will update this review in a few months. BONUS – the tarp comes in a bag made out of the same tarp material instead of some useless plastic bag that just gets thrown into the trash. In fact I think if I can find the proper clip, this Renegade bag will make a nice dry bag for boating. I also like the green color !

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Why does my tarp get dark spots when it gets wet?

We don't treat our tarps with potentially toxic moisture-wicking chemicals, so if the surface layer of the tarp gets worn down, water might temporarily absorb into the tarp and appear as a dark spot. The tarps are made from mildew resistant materials and we recommend leaving the tarp out to dry before folding back into its storage bag. The dark spots should not affect the performance of the tarp other than just aesthetics - it's a small price to pay for a better tarp.