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So it's time to be a recycling superstar!

So it's time to be a recycling superstar!

We appreciate your purchase of a Renegade tarp and for taking the extra effort to recycle it. This will prevent it from going to a landfill or incinerator and instead help build a circular economy. Please note that we only recycle Renegade tarps and we cannot accept tarps from other manufacturers.

To start your recycling return, please follow these simple steps:

*Non-recycling return information can be found at bottom.

1) Make sure that your Renegade tarp is fairly clean and not smelly (i.e., no dried mud, toxic residues, little critters or bio-hazards like black mold).

2) Select if you will use the package that your tarp was sold in, which will be recycled with the tarp, or if you will drop your tarp off at a designated return partner like FedEx or UPS.

3) Select the size of tarp that you will be returning.

4) Fill in the fields below and enter your credit card info. We only use your credit card information in the event that what is mailed to us is not a Renegade tarp or if a Renegade tarp is too dirty to recycle, in which case a $10 service fee will be charged.

5) Once you hit submit, a shipping label will be emailed to you with instructions on where to mail your package.

Non-recycling return? If you are dissatisfied with a product, it is eligible for return within 7 days of receipt. We will replace or refund your product upon inspection. A 15% fee will be charged for shipping and restocking. Renegade Plastics will not accept any goods except by circumstances set forth by an authorized RMA. The merchandise must be in undamaged and unused condition. Returning a used item will result in no monetary refund. Please email to initiate a non-recycling return.

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    To start your recycling return, please follow these simple steps: