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11 mil (0.28 mm)
5.9 oz. / sq. yard (200 g / sq. meter) (± 4%)
Tensile, grab (lbf.)
Warp 224 | Weft 194
Tear, trapezoid (lbf.)
Warp 24 | Weft 25
Ball Burst (lbf.)
Cold crack rated up to -40°C
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At 5.9 oz. / sq. yard (200 g / sq. meter) the PPI – 200 is our lightest 3-ply fabric. Ideal for applications where weight is of the utmost importance, but without sacrificing strength. The 20×20 thread density provides a smooth finish and at just 11 mil (0.28mm) thick, it can even replace engineered polyethylene films in some applications.


Suitable alternative up to 10 oz. PVC coated and laminated fabrics.

Light Weight 
Light Weight 
UV Stabilized
UV Stabilized
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Pricing depends on volume. Fabric is sold in increments of 200 linear yards except by special request.
We can provide a shipping estimate with any order estimate, and customers are welcome to book their own shipping from our warehouse located in Green Bay, WI. Self organized shipping will still include a per pallet packing fee.
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