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(ATLANTA, GEORGIA) MAY 2023 – Renegade Plastics, the award-winning leader in innovative technical textiles, is set to debut their groundbreaking zero-PVC fire retardant coated fabrics at Techtextil North America. Renegade Plastics will showcase these cutting-edge materials at Booth #2113 in Atlanta, Georgia from May 10-12, 2023. This groundbreaking development marks a significant milestone as Renegade becomes the first-ever supplier of fire retardant polypropylene coated fabrics that are both environmentally friendly and health-conscious.

A Safer Choice for Everyday Applications

Renegade Plastics offers a remarkable lineup of fabrics designed to cater to a wide range of applications, such as play mats, gym mats, sports equipment padding, mattresses, and more. Their technical textiles, including the renowned PPI-200, PPI-270, Flex-270, and Flex-400 fabrics, boast an exceptional combination of properties. These fabrics are not only fully recyclable but also guarantee utmost safety, superior fire-retardant capabilities, and complete freedom from forever chemicals. As the global textile industry experiences heightened concerns regarding material safety, consumers are increasingly inclined to invest in products that prioritize their well-being and peace of mind. Renegade Plastics’ cutting-edge fabrics address these evolving demands, providing a reliable and secure solution for everyday use.

Healthier Fire Retardancy Without Harmful Chemicals

Unlike conventional fire retardant coatings that contain hazardous chemicals, Renegade Plastics has developed a revolutionary zero-PVC flame retardant coated fabric. By utilizing a proprietary flame retardant formula that eliminates the need for brominated or halogenated additives, Renegade Plastics sets a new standard for safety. This evolutionary fabric surpasses the California Title 19 fire retardant standard as well as the European Toy Safety Standard EN71-3:2019. Notably, Renegade’s PVC-free fabrics can be easily recycled by most plastics recyclers and maintain their integrity when cleaned with strong cleansers like bleach and acetone, thanks to the durable fabric coating. Third-party labs have verified the recyclability of the material.

PPI-200 Royal Blue

Advancing Sustainability Goals with Renegade Plastics

Renegade Plastics’ evolutionary fabrics offer an eco-friendly alternative for product manufacturers striving to achieve sustainability goals. These polypropylene-based fabrics, exclusive to Renegade, are designed to reduce environmental impact. Renegade’s commitment to eliminating toxic chemicals extends beyond PVC, ensuring their fabrics are free from lead, phthalates, dioxins, and PFAS. By utilizing these forward-thinking materials, manufacturers can contribute to a circular economy for industrial fabrics and plastics, thereby reducing carbon emissions and fostering a healthier people and planet.

Recognition and Future Endeavors

Renegade Plastics has garnered significant recognition within the industry, being named Quality Fabric of the Month by Textile World in August 2022 and receiving the prestigious Cleantech Open 2022 U.S. National Grand Prize in October 2022. Building on these achievements, Renegade aims to reshape the future of industrial fabrics and plastics. Their visionary approach involves eliminating toxic chemicals like vinyl chloride, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a market for nascent carbon-negative polymers across various industries, including billboards, agriculture, and sports equipment.

To learn more about Renegade Plastics’ groundbreaking zero-PVC, flame retardant coated fabrics and their commitment to a healthier planet, visit For media inquiries, please contact Christina Madrid at Christie & Co through, by phone at (818) 621-1897, or via email at

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